Redress Design Award

EcoChic Design Award 2017 - Redress x Miele: The Consumer Care Challenge​

The Redress x Miele Consumer Care Challenge took our 10 EcoChic Design Award 2017 finalists on an exploratory journey into the depths of secondhand clothing bins located around Hong Kong to discover the missed potential of discarded clothes. Our 10 finalists explored how fashion designers influence a garment’s sustainability, usability and recyclability at the design stage, and were challenged to apply strategies of care, maintenance and redesign to discarded garments to bring them back to life into a show-stopping outfit in just 4 hours. They worked collaboratively with their own ‘muses’, Kate Tsui and Kayla Wong, demonstrating that with the help of Miele quality appliances, considered clothing care and creativity can keep clothes in the fashion loop for longer. The most outstanding outfit was awarded to team A, consisting of Candle Ray Torreverde, Ayako Yoshida, Kate Morris, Joëlle van de Pavert and Claire Dartigues.