Redress Design Award

EcoChic Design Award 2017 - Redress x TAL: The Design to Manufacturing Challenge

The Redress x TAL Apparel Design to manufacturing challenge took our EcoChic Design Award finalists on a visit to one of the world’s largest shirt manufacturers, TAL Apparel, located in the heart of Southern China’s expansive manufacturing region. Here they learned how this shirt manufacturer manages its environmentally conscious business ethics in order to reduce textile, energy and water waste throughout the shirt production process. Our finalists explored the importance of a symbiotic partnership between designers and manufacturers and got hands-on experience of how sustainable practices can be applied along the entire supply chain, before being challenged to come up with strategies to bring the manufacturing process closer to designers thinking to minimise the impact of new garments. Team A won the challenge, consisting of Candle Ray Torreverde, Ayako Yoshida, Kate Morris, Joëlle van de Pavert and Claire Dartigues.