Redress Design Award

Renee De Guzman

Renee de guzman

Redress Design Award 2018 Semi-FINALIST


Renee De Guzman is a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018. She is currently studying Fashion Design at the Raffles Design Institute of Higher Education, Singapore.

For me, fashion production doesn't have to be wasteful - we just have to look at it from a different angle. I want to use my platform and voice as a designer to prove that sustainable fashion is possible through the consideration of quality, longevity and mother earth. - Renee De Guzman

redress Design Award Collection

For her Redress Design Award submission, Renee is inspired by the idea of love as both a blessing and a curse - where there is love there is inevitably loss and pain. She up-cycles production waste fabric through techniques such as weaving, patchwork and pleating, to create a zero-waste collection of statement pieces that reflect this whirlwind of emotions, and which can be worn from day-to-night. 



Zero-waste, Up-cycling