Redress Design Award

Sutida Apichokejaroenchai

sutida apichokejaroenchai

Redress Design Award 2018 Semi-FINALIST


Sutida Apichokejaroenchai is a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 and holds a degree in Fashion Design from ESIMODE Toulouse, France. In addition to her studies, Sutida is currently embarking on her own sustainable project in Thailand.

In my opinion, the future of fashion should be a system that works with, not against the environment. My interest in the topic sparked from a class project on the effects of fast fashion - the more I learnt the more guilty I felt, and I was motivated to make a difference. Through my collections I hope to spread information to the public and to be part of creating a better world. - Sutida Apichokejaroenchai

redress Design Award Collection

For her Redress Design Award submission, Sutida aims to create a discourse around the proliferation of cyber bullying against the LGBTQ community, whilst showcasing her belief that fashion is about taste and style and not gender. Drawing influence from the silhouettes of men’s suits, she applies the techniques of zero-waste design to up-cycled and reconstructed unwanted denim and jersey fabrics sourced from clothing manufacturers and family members to create this gender neutral collection. 



Zero-waste, Up-cycling, Reconstruction