Redress Design Award

Xie Meng Si

xie meng si

Redress Design Award 2018 Semi-FINALIST


Xie Meng Si is a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 (and was also a semi-finalist of the 2017 cycle). She holds a degree in Fashion Design from the Guangdong University of Technology in Mainland China, and currently works as a Design Assistant at a women’s apparel manufacturer. 

I believe sustainable fashion design can reduce the burden on our living environment. Giving new life to abandoned things with our hands, so that they are re-accepted by others is a very interesting concept for me and I find pleasure in it. - Xie Meng Si

redress Design Award Collection

Meng Si’s submission for the Redess Design Award is inspired by the stark contrast between the strong and the weak under the pressures of the 'Grand Era' in China, where there is an enormous burden and pressure to move forwards, which is in direct contrast to the shackles of reality. Meng Si applies the design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction to cut-and-sew waste, sampling yardage and unsold clothing waste to create a collection that highlights this powerlessness. By re-designing these unwanted materials Meng Si aims to not only reduce waste but to grant them a new life.


Mainland China

Up-cycling, Reconstruction