Redress Design Award

2019 Sarah Mayer

Sarah Mayer

Redress Design Award 2019 Semi-FINALIST



Sarah Mayer is a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2019.  She has a BA in Fashion & Design from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

“The fashion industry is one of the primary polluters in the world and heavily contributes to environmental damage. I absolutely cannot continue working in the industry without minding the consequences of what I am producing”. - Sarah Mayer

redress Design Award Collection

Sarah’s collection for the Redress Design Award, ‘Wonder World’, takes inspiration from the colours, landscapes and movement in our world, both natural and manmade. With a focus on functionality and simplicity, Sarah up-cycles and reconstructs high quality textiles and clothing which she over-dyes using fiber-reactive dyes that keep their high quality colour even after hundreds of washes to ensure further longevity.