Redress Design Award

Janko Lam

Janko Lam

Redress Design Award Hong Kong 2011 winner


Janko Lam won Redress Design Award Hong Kong 2011 inaugural cycle. Soon after completing her winning prize of designing the first Recycled Collection for Esprit, she launched her brand Classics Anew in 2013, in which she up-cycles leftover denim and prints with a twist of modern Chinese heritage. Janko continues to forge her success in her shared retail space, Three Artisans, at PMQ in Hong Kong. She also regularly organises consumer workshops for both children and adults, to pass on traditional qipao craftsmanship skills. 

Recently, Janko’s work was featured at the Hong Kong Young Talent Alumni Fashion Show 2016 to represent the future of fashion design. Janko has an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC).

The society we live in is too rich. People are not willing to save resources through repeat usage and reuse of clothing. But we must acknowledge that avant-garde fashion cannot be divorced from ethical standards. It is my mission and vision to be a sustainable fashion pioneer through my work. – Janko Lam


For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) 2011 collection, Janko’s design concept was inspired by tree rings. To gradually reduce the carbon footprint caused by clothes, she believes we have to extend their lifecycle, just like tree rings that grow every year. Janko applied up-cycling and reconstruction design techniques for her collection, and used the surplus textiles as embellishment to make full use of fabrics. The designs also can be mixed and matched into different styles to increase their utilisation.