Redress Design Award

Wister Tsang

wister tsang

redress Design Award Hong Kong 2012 winner


After winning the Redress Design Award 2012 first prize, Wister designed the second Recycled Collection by Esprit. Made from recycled denim and cotton, the collection was sold for retail in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Wister went on to launch a sustainable line, fifty by Windauswister, and then his womenswear brand, Windauwister, in 2013, offering bold looks up-cycled from discarded and surplus textiles. Wister holds a Diploma in Fashion Design and Product Development from Clothing Industry Training Authority, Hong Kong.

I am passionate about combining the two traits of fashion that I love – creativity and innovation. When you combine these two traits with solid sustainable design foundation, I believe that unexpected discoveries can be made to make tomorrow’s fashion industry more sustainable – Wister Tsang

redress Design Award collection

For his Redress Design Award 2012 Collection, Wister was inspired by the ozone layer, which serves as a protective layer for the life on earth. He used the reconstruction and zero-waste design techniques to create multifunctional outfits using leftover garments from Hong Kong secondhand shops.