Redress Design Award

Tiffany Pattinson

Tiffany Pattinson

Redress Design Award 2012 China Finalist


After participating as a finalist of the Redress Design Award China 2012, Tiffany Pattinson launched her namesake womenswear and menswear brand in Shanghai. The brand has strong focus on the preservation of culture and the environment and adopts up-cycling and zero-waste sustainable design techniques. In addition, the creation of multifunctional designs that can be worn in several ways further adding longevity to the pieces are a common feature. Her work has been showcased through fashion shows around the globe, including in Shanghai Fashion week, Harbin Fashion week, Brighton Fashion week, New York, Connecticut, Brussels and Hong Kong. She has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Technology from IFA Paris in Shanghai.

I think sustainable fashion is about making maximum usage of recourses. For example, at an individual level, we can DIY our old clothes, swap garments with our friends and donate unwanted clothes to people in need. At an industry level, we can reduce the amount of textile waste generated and develop new technologies to reduce water and air pollution. - Tiffany Pattinson

redress Design Award collection

For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award)2012 collection, Tiffany’s inspiration comes from traditional Chinese weddings, where gowns are often thrown away after one wear. She reconstructed secondhand wedding gowns and qipaos, and uses low discharge eco-friendly dye for her collection.