Redress Design Award

Alex Law

Alex Law

Redress Design Award 2013 third place finalist


After securing third place in Redress Design Award 2013, Alex Law launched his sustainable womenswear and menswear brand Alex Leau in 2014. Alex’s contemporary collections are made with up-cycled end-of-roll textile waste, and where possible are created using the zero-waste design technique.

Alex’s talents continue to be recognised. In 2015 he was selected to present at the Hempel Award, Beijing’s 23rd China International Young Fashion Designers Contest in which he was awarded the Award of Excellence, which opened Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week. Most recently, his work was selected to represent the future of fashion design at the Hong Kong Young Talent Alumni Fashion Show 2016. Alex holds a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design from Hong Kong Design Institute.

I am an advocate of environmental protection and a fashion lover. I know fashion causes a lot of damage to the environment so I aim to strike a balance between the two. For example, when I make a garment I consider how I can make the most out of the fabric to create minimal wastage. I also try to create sustainable designs through the up-cycling and reconstruction of garments. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am able to create good design while adopting environmentally-friendly design techniques – Alex Law

Redress Design Award Collection

For his Redress Award 2013 collection (formerly the EcoChic Design Award), Alex combined the zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction design techniques to create new outfits using leftover textiles and finished clothing samples sourced from a factory in Hong Kong.