Redress Design Award

Catherine Hudson

Catherine Hudson

REDRESS Design Award 2013 finalist


After participating in the Redress Design Award 2013, Catherine Hudson continued to pursue sustainable fashion as a career path and in 2016 officially launched her Princes Trust approved menswear brand, Leif Eriksson. Her collection up-cycles discontinued fabrics from local manufacturers and uses organic textiles sourced from the Netherlands and the UK. Awarded the Good Brands Award 2016 by Sublime Magazine, her brand is already being well-received by the industry. Catherine’s work has been showcased at Fair Fashion Show in Gothenburg, Brighton Fashion Week and at the Collective DD (Design for Demain) showroom during Paris Fashion Week. Catherine graduated with a Fashion Design degree from The Manchester Metropolitan University, and she has previously interned with renowned designers Peter Pilotto and Aitor Throup.

To me, sustainable fashion is a means of investigation and experimentation. It means aspiring creatively to influence a consumer base, so as to change the pre-conceptions of the fashion market, which is very set in its ways. I want to incorporate this in my work because we are at a point where sustainable fashion can be exciting and embrace both the future and science. I want to use the idea of sustainability to focus on new developments in a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing way. – Catherine Hudson

redress Design Award collection

For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) 2013 collection, Catherine experimented with pattern cutting to construct geometric zero-waste designs which fully utilised her new textiles. 


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