Redress Design Award

Aya Qi

Aya Qi

Redress Design Award 2014/15 Finalist


Aya completed her Fashion Design and Creation degree at ESMOD Beijing in 2014 following her previous career working in the advertising industry.

I have always loved reconstructing unwanted clothes and this was the reason that I first entered fashion school. But since discovering the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment, I developed a much greater desire to learn and practise sustainable fashion. My dream is to become a sustainable fashion designer. - Aya Qi

Redress Design Award collection

Aya was inspired by the Chinese qipao and Western tailoring for her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award)2014/15 collection. Aya used the sustainable design technique of reconstruction on her textile waste source, comprising her friends’ and her own unwanted garments. The result was a collection of tailored garments in a dark colour palette.