Redress Design Award

Josephine Raun

Josephine Raun

redress Design Award 2014/15 Semi-Finalist


Josephine Raun was a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2014/15. She is based in Denmark from where she runs her womenswear brand, Phine Raun Fashion Design. This locally produced ready-to-wear slow fashion brand has a deep commitment to the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle. Josephine has a vision for a slow fashion future and a commitment to bringing local production back to Copenhagen through her atelier at SLOW Fashion 1123. She adopts the sustainable fashion design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction through her work, and has showcased her designs at New York Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week and Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Josephine has a BA in Business Sustainable Communication from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). 

We need a shift in mind-sets in order to move away from our societal addiction to over-consumption. If we keep on consuming the way we do, one day we will not have the ability or resources to continue to work in this creative industry. – Josephine Raun