Redress Design Award

Laurensia Salim

Laurensia Salim



Since winning the Redress Design Award 2014/15 Special Prize, Laurensia founded sustainable womenswear brand, Lickstudio with Juliana Ng, semi-finalist for the 2015/16 cycle.  Acquainted through their studies at Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore, Laurensia and Juliana soon discovered that they shared a passion for sustainable fashion and vision of a contemporary fashion brand to match. Lickstudio produces their designs locally and creates up-cycled designs using industry surplus fabrics sourced from local fabric stores in Indonesia. The duo continues to develop sustainability efforts as the brand evolves. 

The fashion industry is a very wasteful industry that has a huge negative impact on the environment. To me, sustainable fashion means a better way of enjoying style that is harmless to the environment. I want to be a sustainable fashion designer because I simply want to make garments that don’t harm anyone or anything. - Laurensia Salim

redress Design Award collection

Laurensia was inspired by the mystery of the deep blue oceans and its creatures living harmoniously beneath its cool calm surface for her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) 2014/15 collection. Laurensia used the sustainable design techniques of zero waste, up-cycling and reconstruction on her textile waste source, comprising of secondhand jeans from secondhand shops, her friend’s unwanted clothing, unwanted corporate uniforms, damaged textiles and cut-and-sew waste. The result is a collection featuring a wide range of denims in differing silhouettes.