Redress Design Award

Yvonne Tsai

Yvonne Tsai

The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 Finalist


Yvonne is currently studying Textiles and Clothing at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan. She has previously interned for the large-scale Taiwanese garment manufacturer, Tainan Enterprise.

"Sustainable fashion can save a lot of natural resources. Although at times it can be limited by some constraints, I think the artist, Phil Hansen said it perfectly when he said, ‘Embracing the limitation could actually drive creativity’. I love nature, and I want to give back and for this reason I want to continue my passion and learn more about sustainable fashion." - Yvonne Tsai

EcoChic Design Award collection

Yvonne was inspired by the patterns of traditional Chinese porcelain and by artist Ian Berry’s denim collages for her The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 collection. Yvonne used the sustainable design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction on her textile waste source of unwanted denim samples from Tainan Enterprise and her family. The result was a detailed collection featuring a myriad of fabrics and shapes.