Redress Design Award

Amy Ward

Amy Ward

redress Design Award 2015/16 FINALIST


Amy recently returned to the UK to pursue her career in fashion design following her Master’s degree in Sustainability in Fashion at ESMOD Berlin. She also holds a Fashion and Textile Design degree from the University of the West of England, and has previously interned for Elvis Ellis, Katcha Bilek and BS8 Bristol.

Sustainability needs to be considered across the entire supply chain. I want to be part of the new revolution of designers who rethink the process of fashion design and who have a genuine and positive impact. - Amy Ward

redress Design Award Collection

For her collection, Amy was inspired by the artwork of Sui Jianguo, the contemporary Chinese artist who uses pop references to create vibrant modern works with a throwback to retro culture. She combined zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction design techniques into her knitted collection by unravelling and cutting secondhand garments and surplus textiles into yarns, sourced from friends, local flea markets and textile stores.