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CJ Martin

CJ Martin

The EcoChic Design Award 2017 Semi-FINALIST


CJ Martin is a semi-finalist of the EcoChic Design Award 2017. He is currently the Creative Director of his own fashion brand and holds a diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing from the SoFA Design Institute in Manila, the Philippines.

Sustainability means creating something beautiful and functional without wastage and abuse, and taking conscientious steps throughout the design process. I wanted to become a sustainable designer because it is my way of giving back to mother nature for the continuous nurture and inspiration she gives me. And although there are fashion designers who adopt such practices in the Philippines, efforts to raise awareness are not enough to create a substantial impact in the fashion and textile industry. - CJ Martin

EcoChic Design Award Collection

For his EcoChic Design Award application, CJ utilises the up-cycling and reconstruction design techniques to transform secondhand clothing and takes his inspiration from cycles of growth in the natural world.


The Philippines

Up-cycling, Reconstruction