Redress Design Award

Natalia Golec

Natalia Golec

The EcoChic Design Award 2017 Semi-FINALIST


Natalia Golec is a semi-finalist of the EcoChic Design Award 2017. She holds a diploma in Fashion Design from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Poland. She currently works as a fashion designer for a global clothing manufacturer.

For me, the essence of sustainable fashion is the adaptation of closed-loop production which is rarely used by big fashion companies. As a fashion designer in a large company, I try to reduce unsustainability in small design activities in my everyday work, such as pre-production samples where I reuse materials. I have made a personal commitment to do what I can to improve the garment industry and enjoy the challenge of reducing waste where I have influence.  - Natalia Golec

EcoChic Design Award Collection

For her EcoChic Design Award application, Natalia uses the design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction to give new life to pre-production samples and swatches from the clothing industry. She is inspired by the unique interior of the MAXXI Museum in Rome, designed by architect Zaha Hadid.



Up-cycling, Reconstruction