Redress Design Award

Ambassador - Kate Tsui



Actress, singer and jewellery-designer, Kate Tsui is passionate about combining her star-studded career with giving back, something that her fan base loves too. She’s a keen believer in the power of education, and she’ll soon be back at university to study her Masters degree in Psychology. Brains and beauty! 

"I’m excited about getting involved in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. We each have a role to play, whatever we do in life, to inspire the people around us to act positively.  I take this responsibility seriously - just ask my friends and family! - and so do my fans. It’s going to be a fun adventure working with Redress and this new wave of talented designers. I hope that together we can be fearless to continue working wonders on our shared home, our one universe."

KATE and the EcoChic Design Award