Redress Design Award


Vintage kimonos reimagined

EcoChic Design Award alumni Clémentine Sandner's namesake brand has just launched a new collection featuring bags, backpacks and handbags. Her products are up-cycled from vintage kimonos, and other interesting materials such as seat belts and military blankets. Among the collection are sets of specially designed umbrellas, made in collaboration with traditional Japanese umbrella maker, Tomoko Kamata.

Japanese sustainable fashion magazine, Fragments recently applauded Clémentine‘s cultural designs and inspirations. In the interview, Clémentine shared her passion for breathing new life into vintage kimonos and antique Japanese fabrics through her creations - all of which have been influenced by the concepts of ecology and recycling, which are deeply rooted in her upbringing. The full article is available in Japanese here. Clémentine plans on bringing the charm of her brand to an even wider international audience outside of Japan, so do get in touch if you are interested in collaborating!

Image credit: Fragment Magazine and Kodd Magazine