Redress Design Award


Voted Best Wool-Free Brand

Congratulations to 2017 cycle first prizewinner Kate Morris! Her sustainable fashion brand CROP, which uses skin-friendly bamboo (which has hygienic qualities and a smooth surface for sensitive skin) and organic cotton, has been awarded Best Wool-Free Brand for the PETA Fashion Awards 2017!

“CROP's Kate Morris has created colorful plant-based knitwear that takes sheep and their wool out of the equation, promotes low-impact use by incorporating care labels into the jacquard patterns and can be worn across multiple seasons," says Christina Sewell, PETA’s senior fashion campaigner.

Cristina continues, "Talk about making sustainability sexy. With every PETA exposé that sheds light on the many animals bred and killed for clothing materials, including wool (which, according to the 2017 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, is one of the top four most environmentally damaging materials), it becomes clearer that fashion's future lies with vegan innovations that help preserve the planet and animals, including humans."

Hannah LaneKate Morris