Redress Design Award


The Art of Eco Couture

Adjoined by a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, EAST, Hong Kong joins hands with Redress, featuring Angus Tsui, a local fashion designer and Redress Design Award alumni, to co-present “The Art of Eco Couture” exhibition, which hopes to raise public awareness towards textile waste through art. Redress is a Hong Kong-based environmental NGO that strives to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry through a series of dynamic programmes.

In conjunction with Art Basel, the exhibition will showcase a collection of eco-couture, which consists of six selected pieces from the Redress Design Award 2017 finalist's collections and 13 art pieces including both men and women’s wear created by the hotel team from an array of recycled materials, such as used red packets, corks, unused face masks, pull-rings on cans, damaged uniforms and expired magazines. Its inspiration was sparked from the hotel’s annual staff party, in which Angus was invited to curate a fashion show, utilising recycled materials to actualise the hotel’s sustainable philosophy.

In light of making fine art more approachable, the exhibition circles around the idea of wearable art, also known as “art to wear”. It refers to fashion pieces created as an expression of art, conveying deliberate messages through a revolutionary concept. The use of recycled and sustainable materials allows the public to bridge art with daily life, further increasing their awareness towards the current textile wastage problem and the impacts of fast fashion.

The exhibition will take place at the hotel lobby, all-day dining restaurant – Feast (Food by EAST) and the link bridge to Cityplaza, from 26 March to 13 May.