Redress Design Award

Lili Sipeki

Lili sipeki 

Redress Design Award 2018 Semi-FINALIST


Lili Sipeki is a semi-finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 and is currently studying Fashion Design at the University of Chester, UK. 

We have to start considering the consequences of our consumption, to stop thinking ME! and start thinking WE! If I throw out a pair of jeans that's not going to make a difference, but if two billion people think the same, that's a different matter isn't it? I want to prove that it is possible to create fashionable clothing from waste. - Lili Sipeki

redress Design Award Collection

For her Redress Design Award submission, Lili was inspired by the surface patterns of contaminated water and a desire to highlight the extreme environmental damage caused by denim dyeing processes across the world. For this thought provoking collection Lili reconstructs damaged and secondhand denim garments, creating surface texture through fabric manipulation to emulate waves in the water.