Redress Design Award

Lucia Alcaina

lucia alcaina 

Redress Design Award 2018 FINALIST


Lucia Alcaina is a finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 (and was also a semi-finalist of the 2017 cycle). She holds a BA in Fashion Design from LCI Barcelona in Spain and currently works as a freelance fashion designer and art director.

I love creating fashion, and it leaves a much nicer feeling knowing that what I produce could leave positive footprints, instead of contributing to the mountain of waste and exploitation of the earth and humans that the current industry supports. I am determined to create positive change through my work. - Lucia Alcaina

redress Design Award Collection

Lucia’s Redress Design Award submission is inspired by the parallel realities created by the evolution of the internet: both in digital art and through how we relate to others through avatars, which create the possibility of deceiving the spectator. She applies up-cycling and zero-waste design techniques to industry waste, including silicone and rubber, embellishing through origami techniques, as well as hand painting, embroidery, felting and needle-punching to create her expressive collection.



Zero-waste, Up-cycling