Redress Design Award

Tess Whitfort

Tess whitfort 

Redress Design Award 2018 FINALIST


Tess Whitfort is a finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 and holds a degree in Fashion from Box Hill Institute, Australia. Tess is currently working as a design assistant for a womenswear label.

For me, sustainable practices within fashion design are an absolute necessity. I feel that it is our responsibility as young designers to limit the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry. I am committed to finding new solutions for fashion and part of the appeal is that sustainable design is all about problem solving, innovation and functional design. - Tess Whitfort

redress Design Award Collection

For her Redress Design Award submission, Tess was inspired by different subcultures and the way people express themselves through their clothing choices. She applies the design techniques of up-cycling and zero-waste to industry end-of-rolls, customising her edgy, androgynous collection through the use of eco-friendly inks and paints.




Zero-waste, Up-cycling