Redress Design Award

Clémentine Sandner

Clémentine Sandner



After participating in the Redress Design Award 2013, Clémentine moved to Japan and launched her sustainable fashion brand, Mikan by Clementine Sandner, in the same year which has recently rebranded and now focuses solely on the creation of accessories. The brand specialises in the reconstruction of antique silk kimonos, combining them with high performance fabrics to create unique and functional accessories. Clémentine was awarded the Redress Design Award 2015/16 Alumni Prize, winning a tailored business mentorship with independent retailer kapok, with her collection stocked in store.

Since participating in the competition Clémentine has also received first prize for Fashion Zakka Design Competition 2014 in Japan, and launched her AW15/16 collection at Tokyo Fashion Week 2015. She holds a Fashion Design and Creation degree from ESMOD Lyon and completed the Accessing Mode Identity (A.M.I.) programme from ESMOD Tokyo in March 2015. Alongside developing her brand, Clémentine teaches Design at ESMOD Kyoto.

To me sustainable fashion is self-evident. As the future availability of natural resources is more and more debated, it is important to think about new ways of producing. Today, I cannot imagine being a fashion designer without thinking about fashion’s future. – Clémentine Sander

Redress Design Award collection

For her Redress Design Award 2013 collection (formerly the EcoChic Design Award), Clémentine was inspired by Jason deCaire Taylor’s underwater sculpture park, Vicissitudes, where, without any human intervention, sculptures were eventually taken over by coral. Inspired by this natural phenomenon, 

Clémentine created her own fabric using leftover textiles from her own production and secondhand clothes sourced from charity shops in France. She cut scraps and garments into small pieces and re-assembled them into new fabrics, produced according to the pattern of each garment in order to use only what was needed.