Redress Design Award

Joëlle van de Pavert

 Joëlle van de Pavert

Redress Design Award 2017 FINALIST


Joëlle van de Pavert is a finalist of Redress Design Award 2017. She is a graduate from the ArtEZ, University of the Arts in the Netherlands and currently works for a footwear retailer.

The inspiration of my collection is my very own behaviour as a consumer. I used to be an over-consumer - at times I still am - driven by the satisfaction of a purchase. During my studies in fashion design I have learned how to appreciate a good garment through tailoring and design and hope to inspire behavioural change through my own exploration with textile waste, encouraging a shift away from one of the most challenging human issues of our time that is over-consumption. - Joëlle van de Pavert

Redress Design Award Collection

For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) application, Joëlle applies the design techniques of zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction. She is inspired by multiple ways the same materials can be manipulated and transformed, creating the sense of a never ending story.



The Netherlands

Up-cycling, Reconstruction