Redress Design Award


Supporting Redress’ 10-year legacy

Since 2007, Redress has been working tirelessly to cut waste out of fashion through our programmes to educate, inspire and drive positive change with consumers, designers and the industry. In celebration of Redress’ 10th year anniversary in September 2017, we were thrilled to have 2015/16 cycle winner Patrycja Guzik join a group of generous brands for our #10for10 campaign, fundraising to support our work through her namesake brand.

Pat Guzik is donating to Redress €10 from the sale of every special edition zero-waste T-shirt illustrated by Mateusz Kolek.

Head over to our 10 for 10 campaign page to find out more about the other brands who joined us here (

Hannah LanePatrycja Guzik