Redress Design Award

Patrycja Guzik

Patrycja Guzik

redress Design Award 2015/16 1st Prize & Special Prize Winner / REDRESS DESIGN AWARD 2019 ALUMNI PRIZE WINNER


After taking home both First Prize: Redress Design Award 2015/16 with Shanghai Tang, and Special Prize: Redress Design Award 2015/16 with Janet Ma, Patrycja Guzik spent three months in Hong Kong to design an up-cycled capsule collection for Shanghai Tang which is set to hit stores in September 2017.

She has since returned to Poland to develop her namesake sustainable womenswear brand Pat Guzik, which sees the application of various sustainability concepts in her designs, including zero-waste and up-cycling. Patrycja holds a Fashion Design degree from the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and a Philosophy and Sociology Studies degree form Pedagogical University of Cracow in Poland. She is also a lecturer of sustainable fashion at Cracow School of Art.

To me sustainable fashion means living in balance. We need to slow down consumption and stop creating new, new, new. We need to change our thinking around clothes and more designers need to show consumers that we are able to make beautiful clothes using old clothes and damaged textiles. - Patrycja Guzik

redress Design Award collection

For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) 2015/16 collection, Patrycja was inspired by the saying "Heaven as a place on earth" and she wanted to make clothes that were a shelter for a heaven-like space. She combined the up-cycling and reconstruction design techniques by hand-weaving damaged textiles and unraveled secondhand garments, which she sourced from fabric wholesalers and secondhand shops in Cracow.


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