Redress Design Award


Meet Lea Mose Svendsen, Redress Design Award 2018 finalist

Punk and counter cultural beliefs underpin the punchy, energetic work of Danish textile designer Lea Mose Svendsen, encouraging ideas of gender neutrality and activism. “Sustainability is much like punk and counterculture,” she muses. “It’s about taking a stand, expressing your political point of view and daring to make a difference.” Lean gender-neutral silhouettes provide the canvas for luxurious, clashing textures, created by mixing and up-cycling damaged textiles, sampling yardage and reconstructed secondhand clothing.

Clothes will be produced on demand: “As most of the styles in my collection are labour intensive and demand a high percentage of handcrafting, the styles will only be produced when ordered,” says Lea. “In this way, overproduction is eliminated. My aim is for the customer to buy the product out of love, not impulsiveness, so that the garment doesn’t end up in the back of their closet.”

Customers will be encouraged to connect to their clothes more deeply through a system of detailed labelling. “Apart from care guidelines, the label will create a visible history for the garment, telling the story of a sustainable supply chain and the potential of scraps, creating transparency,” says Lea. “This supports the attachment between the garment and its wearer.”

“I’ve seen the impact that fashion has on both the environment and the social system,” continues the Design School Kolding graduate, who is currently studying for her Master’s. “It cannot be ignored. There are so many opportunities that would only take a small effort on our part to do - but would make a big difference. I hope to contribute to positive change through my work.”

Who would she like to see wearing her fashion? “Anyone who sees the love in my work,” she says. “He, she, them, they, bi, queer, gay, straight, anyone in between. As long as they feel comfortable in my designs.”

Little surprise that the person she’d most like to sit down to dinner with is model Adwoa Aboah, model and founder of Gurls Talk. “She’s a kickass lady with charisma and a wonderful cause.”

This article originally appeared in the Redress Design Award 2018 Magazine.

Hannah LaneLea Mose Svendsen