Redress Design Award

Lea Mose Svendsen

lea mose svendsen 

Redress Design Award 2018 FINALIST


Lea Mose Svendsen is a finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 and holds a BA in Textile Design from at Design School Kolding, Denmark. Lea is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Fashion and Textiles at the same school. 

Though my education as a textile and fashion student, I have seen the impacts that the fashion business has on both the environment and the social system, which simply cannot be ignored. I see so many opportunities that would only take a ‘small’ effort to do, but would make a big difference and I hope to contribute to positive change through my work. - Lea Mose Svendsen

redress Design Award Collection

Lea takes inspiration from the gender bending and society questioning, expressionistic subcultures of punk and counter-culture for her Redress Design Award submission, to create an environmental and social statement with her collection. She up-cycles and reconstructs damaged textiles, sampling yardage and secondhand clothing into a non-binary, textural collection. 


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Up-cycling, Reconstruction