Redress Design Award


Redress Design Award 2019 Alumni Networking event

5 June 2019 marked our 4th annual Redress Design Award Alumni Networking event, an enlightening night filled with great ideas, inspiration and fascinating conversations held at The Mills Fabrica. Eight of our Hong Kong-based competition Alumni were joined by a wealth of fashion industry professionals with a mix of backgrounds from  designing, sourcing, marketing to retail. 

Guests first toured The Mills Lab where they got a glimpse of the technology that is and will continue to change the face of the fashion industry. The Mills Fabrica, located in the newly renovated textile mill in Tsuen Wan, is home to innovative startups utilising cutting edge technology, many focused on improving sustainability in the industry. 

Conversations kickstarted as guests gathered in groups to share current challenges within their careers and received advice from fellow attendees. This  followed by a brief sharing giving the alumni a rich insight into their professions. 

Next a circular fashion ‘game-storming’ exercise commenced, in which groups collaborated to debate a variety of circular fashion issues our industry is facing at present. Laughter and energy were high in equal measure as teams competed to showcase their arguments to solving large scale issues. By merging their varied knowledge, the group explored key ideas in sustainability to round out this educating and eye-opening evening.

The Redress Design Award Alumni Network now boasts a tight-knit community of 187 sustainable fashion game-changers globally, with 39 based in Hong Kong. If you are looking for young emerging designers who have both the creativity and conviction to change the pattern of fashion for your next project, please get in touch, and stay posted for big things from these torchbearers for sustainable fashion!

Hannah Lane