Redress Design Award


Alumni designer Wen Pan collaborates with The R Collective on a new collection to keep fabrics in the fashion system


This month, up-cycled luxury fashion brand The R Collective launched a new collection this month in a collaboration with Redress Design Award Alumni designer Wen Pan, which through up-cycling reimagines the destiny of textile waste rescued from luxury brands, manufacturers and fabric mills from around the world.

True to Wen Pan’s signature style the seven-piece capsule collection named ‘Rinse’ evokes characters of femininity and roughness, a hint of delicacy juxtaposed with deconstruction, imperfect raw fluidity meets rich textures.

Currently based in East London where she runs her own eponymous brand, the Chinese designer drew inspiration for the collection from the area, naming each piece after an East London borough, a reference to the imperfection, spirit of freedom and independence that inspires Wen Pan’s work. She shared, “I hope we can find a beauty in imperfection. We do not need to dress or look like a celebrity, as being ourselves is beautiful enough. Rinse shows that you don’t need to make a loud statement to support sustainable fashion. When women wear pieces from this collection, they can feel a strong pride and inner confidence, ‘I am what I am, and I am making a small effort to make the Earth better, which makes me really cool.’”

Read more about Wen Pan here and shop the collection here - 25% of profits will be donated to Redress.