Redress Design Award


Redress Design Award 2019 Finalists Announced


We are excited to unveil the Redress Design Award 2019 Finalists - 10 emerging designers who have been shortlisted by our International Judging panel from hundreds of applicants from across the globe ready to transform fashion’s waste into want. Representing the cutting-edge of fashion creativity, the finalists, which include menswear designers for the first time in the competition’s history, now have just 11 weeks to bring their concepts to life before presenting their collections in Hong Kong on 5 September at the live Grand Final at CENTRESTAGE, where winners will be announced.  .

Design approaches are diverse among the 2019 finalists who are tackling a variety of textile waste types including damaged camping equipment, wedding dresses, uniform waste and end-of life restaurant table linens. Each finalist showcases in their own unique style the power of designers to transform waste.

International Judges Clare Press and Orsola de Castro shared their thoughts:

"It’s been incredibly inspiring to return as a judge for the Redress Design Award this year. The depth of thought, and breadth of creativity, applied by these talented young designers to dreaming up circular fashion design solutions has really impressed me. I can’t wait to see the collections up close when the 10 finalists present in Hong Kong. I'm sure we will discover more than one future fashion star”, said Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor.

“Another year, another group of hopeful finalists join the Redress Design Award, my absolutely favourite competition in the world. We need them more and more, their design opinions steeped in today’s problems with creativity as their solution. These emerging designers are offering us their views on the world we are leaving them, dictated by need and imagination instead of greed and exploitation, and in return ask us to support them in cleaning up our mess,” shared Orsola de Castro, Fashion Designer and Co-founder of Fashion Revolution.