Redress Design Award

Hung Wei-Yu

hung wei-yu

Redress Design Award 2018 FINALIST


Hung Wei-Yu is a finalist of the Redress Design Award 2018 (and was also a semi-finalist of the 2017 cycle). He holds a degree in Fashion Design from the Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, and currently runs his own fashion brand alongside his role as Chief Brand Officer for a cosmetics company.

I recently had the opportunity to work with the indigenous populations of China and Taiwan which enabled me to experience the rich connection between traditional craftsmanship and sustainability. I believe that sustainable fashion entails forming emotional bonds with our clothing and I am now even more passionate about establishing myself as a sustainable fashion designer with a specific focus on reviving traditional skills. - Hung Wei-Yu

redress Design Award Collection

For his Redress Design Award submission, Wei-Yu is inspired by the movie ‘The Flowers Of War’ and its complicated themes of war and humanity. Wei-Yu applies the design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction to a wide range of textile waste, including secondhand kimonos, fashion and bridalwear samples and damaged lace, to create a collection which presents a modern take on the traditional Chinese Qipao. Wei-Yu also experiments with plant dyes and handmade bark lace, a traditional Austronesian fabric that he makes from wood scraps sourced from the furniture industry.




Zero-waste, Up-cycling, Reconstruction