Redress Design Award

Camilla Carrara

Camilla Carrara

Redress DESIGN AWARD 2015/16 Semi-finalist


After participating in the Redress Design Award 2015/16, Camilla Carrara launched her sustainable brand Zerobarracento in 2015. The made-in-Italy brand focuses on zero-waste designs, traceability, and transparency. The sustainability innovation of Camilla’s first collection has been highly recognised with Camilla winning the third prize of the Recycling Designpreis 2015 and bronze in the Creative Conscience Award 2016. She was also selected to present the collection at the opening of “Fast Fashion – The shadow side of the fashion” at the German Hygiene Museum and at Green Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week.

In addition to planning the production of Zerobarracento’s next collection, Camilla is currently working at C.L.A.S.S eco hub, gaining greater understanding of the fashion industry. In July 2016, Camilla won a research scholarship from Salvatore Ferragamo and the Foundation for Climate and Sustainability for her project on Natural Fibres. She holds a Bachelor in Fashion Design from Politecnico di Milano and a MA in Sustainability in fashion at ESMOD Berlin.

I have always been sure that there was something ‘behind’ fashion, and with this I meant: history, research, study and more. Unfortunately behind fashion there are also human disasters, pollution and unacceptable living wages. Trying to work in a better way is a moral duty for all the designers. - Camilla Carrara

redress Design Award collection

For her Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award)application, Camilla proposed the use of the zero-waste pattern technique using 100% recycled wool from pre-consumer and pre-industrial textile waste.